How Does Your Skin Weather Winter?

By Staff Writer

Nourish your skin from the outside in.

Don't leave your skin exposed to the elements and defenseless.

To weather the storm of winter, nourish your skin with Herbalife® Personal Care | Outer Nutrition products.

Skin Activator® Line
Independent clinical studies on the Glucosamine Complex our Skin Activator® line have shown visible results in four weeks to three months of regular use:

  • Reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improved skin firmness
  • Improved appearance in skin texture and moisture content 

Radiant C®
Radiant C® is available in a gel-cream, lotion and spray. Vitamin C, one of the key ingredients in Radiant C®, helps the skin defend itself, but this vitamin is susceptible to being diminished from pollution and sun exposure. By replenishing Vitamin C, Radiant C® promotes collagen production, giving elasticity to the skin.

Radiant C® Daily Skin Booster
This sheer, light gel-cream has rich emollients that help your skin repair and renew. Use it in the morning to seal in moisture and help makeup glide on with ease.

Radiant C® Face Quencher 
Rejuvenate yourself with a pleasant "wake-up" spritz to freshen and smooth your skin, diminish shine or refresh makeup throughout the day.

Herbal Aloe Everyday Hand & Body Lotion 
This lotion is loaded with whole-leaf aloe, vitamins and minerals. Rich and luxuriant, it provides a glove-like layer of insulation to protect your skin.

Fortify your skin 
Herbalife offers products that can fortify skin through all four seasons. To have younger-looking skin, start today!

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